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Mobile phones have changed the way we live life today. These days mobiles are not meant for only making calls but actually are used for various purposes. They come loaded with camera, video options, mp3 players, games, internet, social networking options and a lot more. As mobile devices are getting sophisticated, so are they providing opportunities for vendors to come up with various services like ringtones, music, alerts and the latest videos. This is where comes in picture.

What is

mDistribute is a video licensing site meant for mobile content providers and filmmakers. Its a marketplace where users can buy/sell video content. In their own words, the website says:

mDistribute enables mobile content buyers to instantly license premium, high quality film content for distribution to mobile devices. Using our web-based interface, filmmakers upload and set prices for their films while content buyers “browse and buy” those films with ease. All licenses on the mDistribute platform are royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable licenses at this time, creating a standardized environment for the buying and selling of digital film rights.

You can also call it as a video bajar or baazar. The website is presented by goLiveMedia.

mDistribute  The Licensing Marketplace for Mobile Video Content

Who can use mDistribute?

The video licensing site opens up opportunities not just for mobile content providers but also for anyone else who likes making films. Anyone can make money with the help of this platform.

Currently you can register on the site via a simple registration form either as a Filmmaker or a Buyer. Filmmakers can upload their films, set a price for license(royalty-free, non-exclusive) and reach out to a huge network of content buyers. A buyer is a content buyer for whom this platform acts as a bridge for acquiring great royalty-free content which they can use as many number of times as desired.

How it works?

For Filmmakers: Register, Upload and Collect Money

For Buyers: Register, Browse and Buy License

That’s pretty simple isn’t it.

Video Quality allowed: MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format 320×240 resolution, MP3 audio, 30 frames per second.

eWebBuddy Review

We found the website simple, impressive and easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface and is very clear in its purpose. The concept of video licensing is new and very interesting. Its bound to pick-up. This eliminates any third parties that were involved in mobile content buy/sell earlier and makes direct interaction possible.

mDistribute is integrated with PayPal which ensures secure, efficient money transfers. The website also reviews all video submissions and ensures that only high quality and standards compliant content is available at the marketplace.

mDistribute deducts a transaction fees equivalent to 25% of the video license value which I believe is very high. But keeping in mind that there are not many players in this business right now and also that one video can be bought multiple number of times, it can build up to good money.

So all you budding filmmakers out there, wake up and earn money online the new way!

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