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Mobile Number Portability in India – How to change your operator and not your number?

How do you change your mobile operator without changing your number? The recent IDEA mobile advertisements with Abhishek Bachchan going around telling people to “Get Idea!” must have raised this question. Or atleast you must have been wondering – What exactly is Mobile Number Portability? Well here is your friend Piyush to help you out. 🙂

What is Mobile Number Portability?

Well according to Wikipedia,

Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another.

so in simple words if you have got frustrated with your current mobile operator and the only thing that has been holding you back from switching has been your number, you can take a breath of relief. MNP will enable you to switch your operator but still retain your contact number. Gone will be days when we could figure out the operator with the help of the 1st four digits. Sigh!

MNP in India

After being in NEWS for quite sometime before CWG, Raja and other scams ate up all the headlines, this service will be available in India from 20th January’11 across all operators. The cost to switch will be just Rs.19.

How to change your operator?

The steps are pretty simple and straight forward. To help understand better, here is a illustration:

Steps to change your mobile operator

Hope this helps….do leave a comment to share your queries and experience if you use this service. After all it knowledge grows when shared.

Piyush Agarwal
Piyush Agarwal is a part-time freelance webdesigner who loves to play with design and the web around. You can check out his designs on Technix Designs. He is also into Theatre and Photography.

2 Replies to “Mobile Number Portability in India – How to change your operator and not your number?

  1. Pt 4 should read – Your new operator will check with your existing operator for any dues and if there is no dues….
    Wonderful site and design

    1. @Jayaraman – Thank you for pointing that out. What you said does make more sense. 🙂
      Glad you liked the site and found it helpful.

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