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New Gas Connection in India – Process, Cost and Time

Whether you’re changing homes or moving to a new city, one of the biggest tasks on your to-do list will be getting a new gas connection. You need a cooking gas connection (LPG or liquefied petroleum gas) even to make instant Maggi noodles unless you’re willing to inflate your electricity bill with the cost of running an induction cooker. Many cities in India now have the “pipeline” system which does away with the need to book new cylinders when you exhaust the old one. However, whether you’re requesting for a gas pipeline or the traditional cylinder, you must be aware of the required documents to be submitted, the timeframes, and the costs involved.

But wait—why must you go through the potentially long-winded application process for an LPG connection when you can get cylinders in the black market? Simple answer: to save (a LOT of) money, and to have reliable cooking gas whenever you need it.

Let us understand the entire procedure in depth.

Documents Required for a New Gas Connection

Get the following documents ready before you apply for a fresh gas connection. These are KYC (Know Your Customer) documents to verify your identity and address. Note that some of these may vary based on the specific provider.

One of these for identity proof:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Voter identity card
  • Driving licence
  • PAN card
  • Passport

One of these for address proof:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Voter’s identity card
  • Telephone /electricity/ water bill
  • Ration card
  • Lease agreement (if living on rent)
  • Registration document for the house or letter of possession (if the house is self-owned)
  • LIC policy
  • Bank statement

Application for a New LPG Gas Connection

There are two approaches to this: 1) Online application, and 2) Physical application at the dealers.

gas connection in kitchen

1. Online Booking

In August 2015, the government launched “Sahaj”—a simplified online booking system for an LPG gas connection. Available on the portal “”, this new system lets residents of 12 Indian cities register for a gas connection online. It also allows you to book cylinders, track bookings, and check the status of your Aadhaar linking. The cities currently under the scheme include Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Patna, among others.

Here are the steps to book a gas connection online under the Sahaj scheme:

  1. Access the website through your computer, phone or tablet.
  2. Fill in the KYC form. It includes details of your identity, address, etc. If you’re an existing customer, ensure to enter your consumer number.
  3. Submit the KYC form.
  4. The details of your KYC form will be verified within 48 hours. The system will also locate the nearest dealer and share your customer details with them.
  5. Make an online payment to the dealer.
  6. Within 3–4 days, the dealer will deliver all the necessary equipment for the gas connection including the cylinder, regulator and pipe. (If you don’t have a stove, you can purchase it from this website.)

You can also choose to register online through the website of the provider/dealer that’s closest to your address. For instance, if you want an Indane connection, you can log in to For an HP gas new connection online, access the website.

Ready Reckoner of Leading Gas Booking Agencies:

Provider Phone Number Website
Indane 18002333555
HP 18002333555
Bharat 1800224344
SUPERGAS 9537522174
Total Gas 18001023339

2. Physical booking

If you prefer to bypass the online registration, you can visit the office of the nearest LPG dealer and ask for the registration forms. After you fill in the form and submit the necessary documents, you’ll have to wait for a few days for the verification.

Time Taken to Set Up a New Gas Connection

indian gas cylinder booking

Under the Sahaj scheme, the promised time of getting an LPG connection is about one week. If you apply through individual providers, the standard time to get a fully functional gas connection from the day of your application is 10–15 days or earlier. Some customers feel that personally visiting the dealership with your reference number might speed up the process by a few days.

Cost of Getting a New LPG Gas Connection

The total costs will vary depending on the provider, the items included in your purchase, and the cost of filling LPG at the time. However, the standard cost of the whole gamut (cylinders, regulator, pipe, stove, etc.) is usually in the range of Rs. 5000–Rs 7000. Note that it is not mandatory to buy a stove from your LPG dealer. You can purchase it from anywhere as long as the stove is approved by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

Here’s an indicative new gas connection pricelist for your reference:

Item Cost
Refundable deposit for two cylinders (14.2kg each) Rs 2900 (Rs 1450 each)
Regulator Rs 150
Rubber Tube Rs 190
Documentation (gas passbook), administrative and installation charges Rs 300
Gas Stove Rs

1000–6000+ (depending on your choice)

Note that an LPG pipeline service may turn out to be cheaper, depending on your usage. While the registration and installation costs are higher, it is worthwhile exploring this option if the facility is available in your area.

LPG Subsidy: Are You Eligible?

To provide affordable cooking gas to the masses, the government of India subsidises LPG cylinders (makes them available at prices below the cost price). Annually, every household* is eligible for 12 cylinders of 14.2kg each at subsidised prices. This “subsidy” is transferred directly to the bank accounts of the customers (accounts linked with Aadhaar cards). In 2015, the government of India started asking financially sound people to voluntarily give up their LPG subsidy to help supply free cooking gas to impoverished households.

*As of 2016, Indian citizens whose annual income exceeds Rs 10 lakh are not eligible for the LPG subsidy any longer. They will have to purchase LPG cylinders at the non-subsidised prices.

LPG Gas Price in India

As of October 2018, the price of cooking gas in India (both subsidised and non-subsidised) has gone up. A subsidised LPG cylinder is now priced at Rs 502.40 (a hike of Rs 2.89). The price of a non-subsidised cylinder has been hiked by as much as Rs 59, and these cylinders are now available for Rs 851 and above. The prices underwent a hike owing to fluctuations in international prices and foreign exchange.

get a new cylinder connection

Here’s a snapshot of LPG prices in the four metro cities of India in October 2018:

City Cost of Non-subsidised Cylinder
Delhi Rs 879.00
Kolkata Rs 907.00
Chennai Rs 896.00
Mumbai Rs 851.00


The prices may also vary based on your provider. Government-based providers such as Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, and Indian Oil tend to offer more reasonable prices than private providers like SUPERGAS and Total Gas.

Can I Get Multiple LPG Connections?

Not for the same address. The government of India has prohibited the use of multiple connections for one household (“Gas Control Order”). If you have multiple connections, they must be surrendered. This law aims to ensure that no family is denied an LPG connection and is forced to resort to non-eco-friendly fuels.

Transferring an LPG Gas Connection

What happens if you move residences or cities? Most LPG providers in India have provisions to transfer your gas connection accordingly. For instance, if you need an Indane Gas new connection within your current city, your distributor should be able to give you a transfer code/statement. You can share this with your new distributor and get enrolled. As for your gas-related equipment, you will have to carry it with you to the new address.

If, however, you’re transferring across cities, your distributor will terminate your current connection and refund your deposit. You must retain your gas consumer card which you can use to get a fresh gas connection at your new address.

Tips for Booking a New Gas Connection in India

  • If you have access to a computer/mobile phone, consider making the booking online. It saves time and energy, lets you track the process, and also enables cashless payments.
  • If possible, prefer a government-owned gas provider. When selecting a private provider, check its services, the weight of the cylinder, etc. (If the weight is found wanting, you can choose to return the cylinder.)
  • Double-check your documents for validity. You can also get a signed declaration by a Gazetted Officer.
  • Remember that you don’t have to purchase a stove, trolley, lighter, etc., from the dealer. You can consider discounts run by e-tailers and compare prices.

Getting a functional LPG gas connection has now become fairly simple. The provision for online booking has made it less time-consuming, and the Sahaj scheme has brought many new customers into the fold. Even if the process takes up a few days, it is worth it in the long run, saving up lots of cash that you’d have to squander in the black market, to say nothing of the poor dependability of a missing gas connection.

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