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Read Unlimited Magazines online with Magzter

Reading generally is not an activity one associated with Magazines but it really depends on the kind of Magazines we are talking about. [Wink, Wink!] Magazines universally are a great way of grabbing information on various subjects and in quick consumable formats. But with the advent of Google and Social Media platforms one may not find themselves picking too many of these. Worst is that reading magazines focused on a topic of your interest is a great way to unwind and yet learn more regarding an area of your interest. Well, no worries because now you can read all of them online and that too at a fraction of the overall cost. You can also an Amazon Gift card.

Since childhood, I have always been an automobile enthusiast. Without access to any high-end gadgets or internet at thattime, the best way to stay connected with that world was via Magazines.

I used to save my pocket money those days just to get my hands over the last issue of AutoIndia (Rs.30 those days). Sometimes, I would save enough to even buy a Champak or Tinkle.

For a 10yr old in the 90s that was a lot of money being spent on magazines. But it brought me immense joys. I even ended up cutting my favourite cars out and sticking them in my scrapbook. Even dreamed of designing my own car someday!

That was the power of magazines!

During college days, the love of Auto India was replaced by Digit & Chip computer magazines. And this was followed by the ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine as I started working and dreaming of starting my own company.

The money spent on these magazines always helped me learn more and still kept the process fun.

With the advent of gadgets and ebooks, one hardly buys physical books these days let-alone magazines. Also, magazines are getting more and more expensive these days due to higher publishing & distribution cost. So I started looking out for ways that I could still keep reading magazines without losing a lot of money on individual subscriptions.

Online magazine subscriptions have been around for a while now but I was looking for an option that does not limited access and is cheaper to buy. And I am glad I found it with Magzter Gold.

What is Magzter?

Magzter is an online platform that provides access to 1000s of magazines online. You can subscribe to magazines of your choice and read on your device via their apps.

What is Magzter Gold?

While Magzter has been around for a while, they have recently launched a new subscription feature called Magzter Gold.¬†This is similar to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited where for a fixed monthly/annual fee you can get unlimited access to most of the books on Amazon’s Kindle platform. Similarly, Magzter Gold provides¬†unlimited access to 5000+ magazines on their platform. And this is not limited to just current issues but old issues as well.




Why subscribe to the Magzter Gold?

You should definitely subscribe to Magzter Gold if you

  • love to read and discover new magazines
  • find your favourite magazine on the platform
  • have long commutes via cabs and trains. Download & read.
  • spend too much time browsing aimlessly on Facebook. This will help you focus energies.

What do you get in Magzter Gold?

Unlimited access to current and old issues of 5000+ magazines! You can even download the magazines to read later. They have also thrown in access to premium articles.

Must be Expensive!

Surprisingly it’s not expensive at all! You can get monthly access for just Rs.399/month.

In fact, if you subscribe by 2nd March, you can avail a special offer of Rs.999/yr which is amazing.

Click here to signup now!!

Piyush Agarwal
Piyush Agarwal is a part-time freelance webdesigner who loves to play with design and the web around. You can check out his designs on Technix Designs. He is also into Theatre and Photography.

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