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Save Money on BookMyShow, SnapDeal, Jabong, GoIbibo and More

Who does not like a good deal or saving those extra bucks on their purchases. As Indians all of it love every paisa we save when shopping. One of our favorite games is haggling with vendors and online shopping kind of takes that away from us. But no worries, just like how I showed you a way to save money when booking flights, in this post we will learn how to save money everytime you shop online across a variety of sites like BookMyShow, Jabong, SnapDeal, DailyObjects and even Mobile Recharges.

Online shopping has picked up quite a lot in India and people are spending more money online than they ever did. This brings in convenience to shopping, comparing and increases the number of choices. You can check out more things now in lesser amount of time. But this does not mean that you need to spend more.

Firstly, you would have noticed whenever your are checking out/on the payment window, there is an option of entering Promo Code/Discount Code. If you have never used it, you have been basically throwing precious bucks away. Its very easy to find promo codes for most sites online and this can get you extra discount which you would have never considered. To understand how you can find coupons for discounts and deals – click here.

Moving on, this post is actually not about saving money through Promo codes. That does exist but what if I tell you that you can save even more than that. Interested? Read on. The below mentioned method will show you how you can save some extra bucks every time you have to book a movie ticket, recharge your phone, buy a birthday present or even plan your travel.

Steps to save money:

The main trick behind this method is using a cashback/discount site which lets you save a small amount of money if you make the final payment using their site. This site has tie ups with multiple merchants allowing you to save more per transaction.

1. Before you start shopping online, you need to register yourself with PayUMoney – Click here to register. (takes 2 mins)

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2. Once you have registered on the site, you will have to add your credit/card details. This is not mandatory but is recommended for the easy of payments. Do not worry, the site is absolutely secure and you are not saving your CVV details. So when you actually select a card to make payment the CVV number is required which will be followed by the usual OPT authorization.

3. Now that your PayUMoney account is setup, go to the site you want to shop on. Please ensure that the shop is part of this merchant’s list.

4. When you are on the payment window of the site, make sure you select the payment method as PayUMoney. This will redirect you the site where you can enter your credentials to login and complete payment process. The discount amount varies from site to site but generally is about Rs.50 to Rs.250 depending on the kind of site and transaction.

Lets take the example of BookMyShow. You select the movie followed by your seats and proceed to pay for the same. BookMyShow adds a convenience fee over & above the ticket cost. Though the cost is minimal and its worth the time you save, its still money that you wouldn’t have paid in the first place. And that’s where PayUMoney comes handy. When on the payment page, select PayUMoney as the payment method and you should see an immediate discount of max Rs.75 ~ 15% of your ticket value. This will offset the fee paid to BookMyShow and can also lower your ticket cost based on how many tickets you have booked.

Expert Trick

While the steps mentioned above does let you save money – on average Rs. 50. I use this method to increase my savings. PayUMoney gives instant Rs.50 referral bonus if you refer someone to the site and they make a transaction. So if I have to book 6 tickets on BookMyShow, I generally register one of my friends who are not a PayUMoney member using a referral link. Go ahead and book 3 tickets for movie (Rs. 75 is max, so 3 is generally good enough) using the new PayUMoney account. You will save Rs.75 on this transaction and get Rs. 50 referral bonus. Go ahead and book 3 more tickets on BookMyShow. This time use the older account for transaction. You will get a discount of Rs.75+Rs.50 from your wallet. This brings the total savings on your tickets to Rs.200 instead of just Rs.75 which is almost the cost of one movie ticket.

Please note that the PayUMoney savings is applicable during the payment process once you have completed your shopping. This excludes any discount that you would received on the site using coupon codes or offers. So any discount received from PayUMoney is over-and-above everything else. Isn’t this cool?

Piyush Agarwal
Piyush Agarwal is a part-time freelance webdesigner who loves to play with design and the web around. You can check out his designs on Technix Designs. He is also into Theatre and Photography.

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  1. Such a nice idea to save money on online shopping websites. But by using coupons you can save more.

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