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On 16th July’2010, Indian Rupee joined the elite group of currencies which have their own symbol. This symbol has been designed by Bombay IIT Post-Graduate B. Udaya Kumar. Though the symbol has already had many explanations, everyone has accepted it with open arms.

Now that the symbol is out and you can start using it, the trouble comes as to how you can type it? Where all other currencies have this fixed, it will take a while for the Indian Currency to come with a dedicated key with the symbol on keyboards. But does not mean you cannot use it. 😉

Steps to install Rupee Font

A new font designed by Foradian Technologies has been released which can be used to get this font. The steps to install the font are:

  1. Download the Rupee font.
  2. Copy the .ttf file to your fonts folder under control panel.
  3. Go to a text editor like MS Word.
  4. Select the Rupee font from your fonts list.
  5. The ‘~’ key next to numerical ‘1’ key is the one that will help you achieve the symbol.

That’s all it takes. Use the symbol where-ever you want, its just a key away. 🙂

In case you face any issues with versions or OS, consult this link.

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