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Finally – Access Whatsapp on Your Desktop via Chrome

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app today with over 600 million active users. No wonder, Facebook paid big bucks for it. But one thing that was missing was an ability to use your desktop/pc to send messages to whatsapp users instead of your phone. I don’t know about you but I personally have been looking for this feature. So here is how you can start sending those messages from your browser!

This came in just now and is pretty simple a process. However, believe it or not, it involves using QR Codes. Yeah those square bar-codes which became popular for a short while and got lost soon after. Whatsapp claims that this is because it does not use any username or password to login. Since it depends on the phone, you need to use your Phone to authenticate. Would have been nice to have a simpler solution like how you can use YouTube as a Remote. But then security would be a major concern.Whatsapp-logo

How to do it:

1. Simply go to – web.whatsapp.com

2. You should be presented with QR Code.

3. Goto your Whatsapp app on your phone. Note that this feature does not work for iOS yet due to some “limitations”. But other platforms like Blackberry, Nokia, Windows and Android should be fine.

4. Scan the code from your App.

5. And wola.. you are connected.

Please note that Whatsapp needs your phone to be connected at all times for it to work using your desktop. Also as of now, it works best with chrome and not with other browsers. So give it a swing and enjoy chatting with the pleasure of your desktop keyboard.

Desktop/PC interface of Whatsapp Web

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