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World’s 3rd Largest Twitter User – India?

*Post has been Updated!!

Now, how cool and unbelievable is that?? Twitter which is growing everyday though not as fast as facebook ranks India being the 3rd largest in user base!

I was going through my tweets this morning (for the unaware follow me on @onlyyourspiyu)  and I bumped into a blog post regarding this. It was surely amazing and a proud feeling did approach me. Afterall with so many folks all around the world being hooked to Twitter and India compared to others having not such a great Internet using Population still bags the position!!

Following are some graphs and figures to support the notion. The source of the image is Alexa and the information is this blog.


An Update – Is this for Real?

Just after I posted this information I was curious to dig further, as in simple words, this fact isnt something I could digest that easily. On further probing I found out that just 2 months back according to the sysomos twitter report, posted on, India was holding only .87% as the user base comapred to the 7% shown above.

Now this information makes the above information look not-so-real, India can never climb the ladder that fast in just 2months, we would need a Twitter Revolution to happen to make that possible. So what is true here is still in question!?

What do you guys think??

Piyush Agarwal
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  1. This is great news for India and its people! One can only hope that they won’t turn into an internet addicted generation without social skills like so many of their Western counterparts.

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