World eBook Fair – 2 million FREE ebooks for a limited time

A quick update folks and this one would require all of you to be quick too else you will miss the Golden Duck…or Opportunity or whatever! Just do not miss it!!

Its the 4th Annual World eBook Fair which is a month long celebration and sorry for spreading this a little late. The fair ends on 4th August, 2009 and so does the chance of gaining access to more than 2 million book.

The books have been collected from 100+ elibraries from around the world. Some mojor statistics according to the site are:

100,000 from Project Gutenberg
500,000 from The World Public Library
1,385,000 from The Internet Archive
250,000 from eBooks About Everything
17,000 from IMSLP’s Music eLibrary
2,252,000 Grand Total

And its still growing. So what are still doing here, check it out and download your free ebooks today. Head there before the show ends.. Click Here

Please do share your experience on the site and the fair through comments. 🙂 Looking forward to them.

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