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WROGN Auditions Questions – Win Vegas Trip

WROGN (pronounced as WRONG) is a new fashion brand being launched by Virat Kohli with a unique campaign – Wrogn Auditions. Its touted to be a breakaway youth fashion brand which encourages you to do something WROGN tonight. In order to promote the brand and make the launch successful, they have launched a unique marketing campaign which will help you win a Hangover trip to Vegas! Not just for yourself but for 3 of your friends as well – but drunk driving and parallel parking should not be part of your agenda.

What is WROGN Auditions?

Unless you are someone who has tattooed your girlfriend’s name, you should find the contest to be quite an interesting one. So stop taking selfies and listen up – the contest is called ‘WROGN Auditions‘ but you are not expected to get up from your chair and dance. All you have to do is, go to this link and answer 10 fun questions. The site is based on flash and you will have to enter your details – email or google+ or facebook to start. Ensure that you have checked the ‘Terms and Conditions’ which may require you to wear black belt with brown shoes! But that’s cool as long as you can carry it off.

WROGN Breakaway Youth Fashion Logo

I have shared the 10 questions below as the T&C did not really say that I cannot do that. Also I think the marketing team has done a great job in creating this campaign and all they want is more participation. So if not anything this blog post can save them some work, infact, maybe even the time to spend with a cute chick! So they are welcome for this help.

What I liked about the execution if this campaign is the creative usage of Video clips of Virat asking questions interspersed with the screen for your input. This method is actually a decade old but I think in the age of better bandwidth and mobile apps, it works in their favor! Infact the responses are also video clips of Virat who looks best in any look he dawns!

Wrogn Fashion Line

WROGN fashion seems to have partnered with Myntra and the complete collection available to shop online. Make sure you are using a coupon code to shop online save money with the help these free sites.

So without wasting any further time, here are the 10 questions asked by Virat. The contest is supposed to be time bound but the timer simply pauses when you switch to a different tab. So you basically have all the time in this world to answer.

Click here to get started

WROGN Auditions with Virat Kohli
WROGN Auditions with Virat Kohli

WROGN Auditions Questions:

  1. Can you Parallel Park if you are Drunk?
  2. Will you get a tattoo of your Girlfriend’s name?
  3. Have you clicked 10 selfies in a day?
  4. In the Wrogn lookbook what is the color of my mandarin collar shirt? [You can Google It] LookBook Link
  5. In the look book you just say, which of the following look suits me best?
  6. Will you standup and dance if I asked you to?
  7. In case of a fire in the building, would you save the cute girl or Ferrari in basement?
  8. Complete this lyric from the wrong anthem – Lets do something ….. tonight.
  9. Would you wear brown shoes with black belt?
  10. Spell these words in the wrong way – Breakaway, Youth, Fashion

Here is the WROGN Anthem which is quite good as well. Hum away while checking out the lookbook Virat in blue Mandarin shirt.

Did you try the contest? What did you think. Got the answers of all questions right?

Share your thoughts and comments below. Hope you found this post helpful.

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  1. yes
    all are best b’use u r handsome
    try to save the girl using ferrari

  2. It was an exciting twitter action between cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar and present skipper Virat Kohli.

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