5 Minute Tutorial to Pair A Mobile Device With Youtube TV

YouTube is one of the most popular destinations on Internet behind by just the likes of Google and Facebook. With the increase of mobile phone data consumption and better internet connectivity, every one is always watching some video or the other. Channels like Jimmy Kimmel Show, TheViralFever, All India Bakchod, Comedy Central among many others have further started this trend of provide unique content targeted for online viewers.

Further, people do connect their laptops to TVs and browse content on bigger screen with the help of cables or gadgets like Google Chromecast. So it is the need for the hour to make browsing this content on bigger screens easier. While there are a lot of mobile apps that let you control your Laptop remotely, in this post we will talk about a trick or rather YouTube feature which will allow you to control your YouTube content remotely.Youtube

Imagine, your laptop is connected to your television set and you are watching the most popular videos or your laptop is connected to your speakers and you are playing old songs while cooking. Now you definitely would not want to reach out to your laptop for playing that one song you recalled or adding new videos to playlist. Wouldn’t it be super cool, to be able to do this without movig from your spot. Well its possible and you do not even need an App.

Following the steps below, you will be able to control Youtube and manage your playlist right from your mobile phone while the actual videos are playing on your laptop. And this takes less than a minute to setup your Youtube Remote:

  1. Goto on your laptop
  2. Press ‘UP Arrow’ key twice to reach the search option
  3. Press enter. You should be able to see the below screen with your Pairing Code details.
  4. Youtube Mobile Remote
    Pair screen for youtube TV
  5. Now in your mobile device, go to
  6. Enter the code mentioned in the above screen

And that’s it. You would have paired successfully and now you can control YouTube from your mobile device. Isn’t it cool?

Do try this feature and let me know what do you think?



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