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Aakash Tablet – Features, Price and How to Book/Buy Online

‘India unveils the world’s cheapest tablet.’

‘Now buy a tablet for less than $50’

You must have come across such headlines in the last couple of weeks along with a proud picture of Kapil Sibal, HRD Minister, India holding the cheapest tablet every manufactured – Aakash Tablet (also known as Sakshat Tablet). Well if you missed the pic, check it out below, its quite a collectible. 😛

Aakash Tablet unveiled by Kapil Sibal

Coming back to agenda of this post, the Aakash Tablet. Yes, it is true that the tablet will be available to students across universities for just $35 or Rs.1500 thanks to government subsidies but the same tablet will also be available for the general public at a price of around $50 or Rs.3000. Frankly for the price, its quite a steal as the cheapest I have noticed a tablet yet was HP TouchPad and that too during firesale.

Aakash tablets also trademarked as Ubislate has been designed by a company called Datawind. Its powered by Android 2.2 Froyo OS. Coming to the features of the Tablet:

  • 7 Inch Touch Screen
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Storage Memory : 2 GB but Expandable up to 32 GB with microSD card.
  • Document Format : .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .odt, .odp
  • Image Format : .png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp
  • Audio Format : .mp3, .aac, .ac3, .wav, .wma
  • Video Format : .mpeg2, .mpeg4, .avi, .flv
  • xHTML 1.1 & Javascript 1.8 Compliant Web Browser.
  • HDMI Port, Wi-fi, USB, Memory card slot.
  • PDF viewer & Text editor
  • Special Youtube video application.
India I think is on a roll to produce everything cheapest in the world. After nano, the cheapest car now this. 🙂 While going through the fine print about the device, I noticed that there are mainly 2 drawbacks. Firstly, the screen size is little too small and with resistive touch, a 10inch screen would have been preferable. And secondly, the battery will last only for 3 hours on mix use. Though there is an option of solar charge, don’t know how helpful that would be.
So overall, in my opinion the tablet is a great device to have keeping the price factor in mind. Its worth the money and will definitely prove to be take education to the next level.
So now if you are wondering how to lay your hands on one, then I can help you out. Datawind has launched an online website which lets you book the Ubislate, deliveries of which are supposed to kick-start by November.
Click here to book Ubislate for yourself – Simply fill up the form on the site. The moment you do so you will get an email stating the details of your booking.
Book Aakash Table Online
Also, check out the video below to find out more about the device and get a preview.

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    1. Online and retail sales have not started yet. Its only available to students right now via their educational institutions.

  1. Hello guys what a nice blog that gives information of Akash tablet as it has 2 GB memory, 7 inch display screen and many more features. Thanks keep it up.

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